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Here are some of the positive comments made by our supporters, volunteers and dependants.

Male tenant, 37 years old
Housed with The Saviour Trust for 6 Months.

"Upon being released from prison, I did not receive much help from the Government which was sometimesquite demoralising. After being introduced to The Saviour Trust I found them to be unbiased, genuinely caringand very empathetic to my needs.

In particular I found my support worker extremely supportive and helpful, her people skills and her sense of humour really put me at ease.

After serving four years in prison in six different jails I have seen many people with greater needs than myself and it was very comforting after seeing how the staff at The Saviour t Trust interacted with all clients, to know thatthey gave the same excellent service and continue to provide what I see as an essential role to help all those in need.

I would therefore commend all the staff at The Saviour Trust for helping integrate me back into society without feeling pressured.

The Saviour Trust applied for and received a grant from Radio 2's Vicars Relief Fund to purchase tools and uniform to enable the tenant to return to work.

This tenant has now found permanent work and his own accommodation."

Female Tenant, Age 31 Years

"I have been with The Saviour Trust now for 8 Months. I first came to The Trust on the 22nd February 2011 after being released from prison. Up until 2 weeks prior to being released from prison I had no home and didn't have a clue where I would be released to. All that changed when The Saviour Trust was contacted by my probation officer looking for a home for me.

As you can imagine being released was quite a daunting experience after being incarcerated for just over a year. On the day of my release I was brought to the centre and I have to say my support worker made me feel very welcome.
Over the past few months I have found The Saviour Trust staff workers to be very warm and caring, always ready to offer advice when needed or just someone to talk to.

My support worker has helped me both by just being there to talk to and help in stressful times. Helping me to fill out long and daunting forms and making phone calls.

I have now moved out of The Saviour Trust Property and into my own WDH property. I must admit that I was a little worried at first as I thought I might lose the support network that the trust has offered. However that has not been the case and I still have a support network to help.

I come in each week for my support sessions, usually with a load of stuff that I need help with. I have progressed rapidly since my release from prison both through my own volition and with the help and support of the Trust.

I am due to start College in a couple of weeks. One of my major concerns was how I was going to pay for the equipment and uniform as even though I had applied for a budgeting loan I wasn't granted it. Again the Trust stepped up by giving me a loan so that I could afford to pay for the equipment.

I am very thankful for all The Saviour Trust have given in the last few months, and I am sure will provide in the future. If it wasn't for the trust I don't know where I would be right now but thanks to all the wonderful support I am doing well and managing to rebuild my life."



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